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Our goal at the Calvert School of Dance is to give you the BEST experience around. 

We have been offering classes in this location for over 43 years!!

All classes will have a limit to 10 - 12 kids per class for safety reasons AND 15 min breaks in between each class for cleaning and taking temperatures. 

REGISTRATION FEE: $30.00 Student / $50.00 Family. Only Covers classes in standard 10 - month dance year. Non - Refundable.

WITHDRAWAL: 30 Day notice provided in writing for students requesting to be released from contractual obligation.

TUITION IS NON - REFUNDABLE: Tuition is divided over the 10 - month Dance Year ( September - June).

Payments received after the 5th of month incur the following penalty:

Late Payment: $15. if balance is $75 or less // 20% if the balance is < $75

Returned Check: $30 applied to your account balance

CREDIT CARD: All clients MUST annually supply an active card to be kept on file for monthly billing/back up.

GYMNASTICS: The parent or guardian recognizes the potential danger of your child taking a Gymnastics class. In the event of injury, you release the Calvert School of Dance and Instructors from responsibility .

RECITAL: There will be additional fees attached for your child's participation in the annual Recital.

12 WEEK CLASS: Tuition MUST be paid in full upon Registration. Tuition is Non - Refundable.

PICK UP: Students must be picked up from the Studio at the scheduled dismissal time. Those not picked up within 10 minutes of dismissal time will incur a $25 fee. CSD is not responsible for your child after dismissal. Parents are to stay in accessible proximity to the studio in case of emergency, illness, or disciplinary reasons.

LIABILITY: The Calvert School of Dance, their instructors, staff, and owners are released from any Liability once your child has left the building where he/she is attending classes. (This includes time between classes)

ALERT: Please let the studio know of any allergies. medications or medical concerns requiring special attention.

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