Every year the Calvert School of Dance holds a Broadway level Recital for the families of the dancers. This is a great way for all family members (grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins) to see just how much hard work your dancers have put in all year. The recitals are not mandatory but are highly encouraged by the teachers and staff. It's a wonderful way for our dancers to show off their great routines they have been working on all year long. 

The recitals are held in June at one of the local high school auditoriums.

We have two dress rehearsal days prior to the show so the dancers are well educated and prepared for the big show!

We sell tickets prior to the show or you can buy them at the door. All tickets are assigned seating. 

Don't Forget your Recital Ads

Recital ads are a fantastic way to support your dancer and/or business. Ads will be displayed in our recital program (8.5 h x 5.5 w). You may choose between a 1/4 page, 1/2 page or full page ad, and pictures are more than welcome (however ads will be printed in black and white).

Recital Bears

We sell Recital Bears every year for the students. The do go on sale prior to the recital as we do sell out. We have had so much success with the Recital Bear Fundraiser (to benefit the Ian Berry Memorial Scholarship fund) that we will continue to offer Dance Bears as a recital keepsake item for your favorite dancer.

These bears are available in brown or white, there are boy and girl bears, and they are being offered in Ballet, Gymnastics, Hip Hop and Jazz attire.

Makeup Kits

Make up kits can be available for your purchase at the studio. This is a pre-order only item. Make up order deadline is April 1. We also will break down what the students make up needs to be for the show. We ask for a classic stage make up look as the lights are extremely bright on stage and can wash the dancers face out.  This helps the videographer out when videotaping the show. We want every child seen on stage. 

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