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Ian Franklin Joseph Berry (1991-2010) studied dance for years under Priscilla Mooradian, co-founder of Calvert School of Dance. Upon his graduation from Calvert High School, where he participated in dance, chorus, and theater programs, he attended Philadelphia’s University of the Arts as a student in their highly competitive dance program. His passion for the art, his dedication to the CSD community, and his discipline in practice and performance were an inspiration to everyone who knew him on or off the stage.


Ian provided a positive role model figure for young boys interested in the dance world. While males in the professional dance world thrive and innovate daily, their accomplishments are often invisible to young boys, who are pressured by society to participate only in conventional athletic activities, and often never have the opportunity to see the athletic, mental and educational value of dance. Ian was the ideal of artistic excellence and character for several young boys at Calvert School of Dance. When he was still only in high school, he helped Ms. Mooradian establish and direct a dance program exclusively for boys in hip hop dance, many of whom are still active members of the larger CSD community today. Ms. Mooradian is establishing this memorial scholarship in his honor.


The Ian Berry Memorial Scholarship is designed to provide funding for youth (ages 10-18 years) from the Calvert County area to participate fully in performing arts and dance activities through Calvert School of Dance. 

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