We offer many classes through our county's Parks & Rec program at multiple locations. Be sure to check the listings for the upcoming classes.

You must register for these classes through the Parks & Rec Department.

These classes are not in the end of the year recital.

Come join the fun!!

All classes will have a limit to 10 - 12 kids per class for safety reasons AND 15 min breaks in between each class for cleaning and taking temperatures. 



Due to COVID - 19 the state of Maryland, as of now, has closed all Parks & Rec Programs.

CSD is now offering all our Parks & Rec classes through our studio that we would normally be offering through them. If you simply go to our 8 Week / 12 Week or Day Classes you can see all the classes we would have offered through Parks & Rec. We are offering them at the same times and prices that way you don't have to miss out on the fun! We will be requiring temperature checks and masks in class for everyone's safety!