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CSD is going above and beyond keeping all spaces clean and safe for you and your child. Professional studio cleaning will be done weekly, after each class, classrooms and bathrooms will be wiped down, and at the end of every night the studio will be electrostatic disinfectant spraying the space for the next day.

Sanitizing Spray Bottles
Spray to Cleaning and Disinfection Virus


The main lobby is permanently closed until further notice.

No students will be able to wait in between classes.

There will be 15 minute breaks in between classes to keep students separated.

We will be using all three entrances and exits for each classroom. Once the first class is released, the teacher will clean the area before letting the next class inside. Making sure all students are lined up 6 feet apart. 

funny kids face mask, pollutant and coro
funny kids face mask, pollutant and coro


All instructors MUST wear a face mask / covering to ensure safety for all students. 

Anyone entering the building MUST be wearing a mask.

All staff, instructors and students must get their temperature checked before entering the building. Any child that has a temperature will not be allowed to enter the building.

All students will have to wash their hands before entering the classrooms.

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Protection Against Disease. Asian kid we

CSD has now listed all of our classes online.

So no need to come into the studio if you aren't comfortable doing so! 

If you would like to come in, you may set up an appointment with our office manager. They are on hand and can answer any and all questions you need.

You also may register via email or over the phone for everyone's safety!


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Covid-19 Waiver (2020/2021)

Please read all items carefully 

In the event of any County/State/Country related health emergency shutdowns, I (We) will continue forward with instruction at the Calvert School of Dance (CSD) whether it be in person or via Electronic Remote learning. I (We) understand that participation in class is a requirement regardless of the format to fulfill the contractual obligation to the Calvert School of Dance. Faculty, Students, and Parents are obliged to comply to health and safety guidelines that are set in place by the Calvert School of Dance. CSD continues to closely monitor all Government and health organizations mandates, updates and restrictions and will adhere to them as we best see fit. 

It is our primary goal to continue to provide the safest and cleanest environment possible for your students to learn.

Daily Arrival Procedures:

  • All three Studio doors will be used this year. All three classrooms are sectioned off from each other while in use. The lobby is closed indefinitely. You will be informed from which classroom door you will be able to pick up your child.

  • Payment, Purchases, or any office related need must be scheduled in advance. No Walk-Ins. 

  • Everyone entering the building for any reason MUST wear a mask. This includes Parents, Students and Faculty. 

  • Upon Arrival for class each student’s temperatures will be checked to ensure it is within a safe range. Any child displaying symptoms of illness will not be permitted to enter the building.

  • Hands will be sanitized upon arrival after the temperature is cleared as safe. 

  • Student’s belongings will be placed in a designated area where they will not be tampered with or come into contact with other students’ possessions.

  • Students will then be sent to the restroom to fully wash their hands before class.

  • Only once students are inside assigned classrooms will they be allowed to take off their masks.

  • Instructors will be wearing masks while inside the classroom. 

  • Our hallways are marked for safe distancing when going to and from the restrooms and we have signage posted about the studio encouraging safe cleaning and hygienic practices. 

  • Classrooms and public surfaces will be sterilized before and after class. Students will be asked to visit the restroom to wash their hands in the event of any type of sneezing/coughing/expectorating within the classroom.



  • Bowen’s Grocery is now under new management. As a result of that we are now required to monitor and control our parking lot occupancy more rigidly than in years past. 

  • Allowable Parking is now limited to the row of spaces directly in front of the building and the back lot. We do ask that the back lot be the primary location for parking. That is our specifically designated lot for the premises. 

  • The middle row of spaces between our building and Bowen’s is strictly prohibited from our clientele. We do apologize for the inconvenience. With the reduction of class sizes for this coming year it is our hope that this will not be a detrimental issue and there should be plenty of spaces available for all those at the studio. 


I have read and agree to the terms laid out in this waiver. I recognize the Calvert School of Dance is not liable for any injuries or illnesses that may or may not result from participation in activities at/associated with the studio. I understand I am responsible for the full annual tuition amount provided at the beginning of the dance year regardless of classes taking place in person or online unless written withdrawal is provided to the office 30 days in advance of education termination with The Calvert School of Dance.    

SHOWTROOP ONLY: As a member of Calvert School of Dance Competition Show Troop Team, I recognize that I am responsible for all annual financial obligations associated to the dance year. I understand that refunds and credit or any other fees associated with competitions are Non-Refundable unless said competition first reimburses the Calvert School of Dance.  

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